Two major future trends of the conference tablet

The conference tablet deeply integrates the three conference scenes of writing, display and collaboration, breaking the traditional conference tedious constraints and collaboration boundary, easily realizing the wireless connection between end and end, and then bringing the efficient and collaborative light office mode, which is favored by enterprises.

The smart conference market continues to lead

Special year in 2020, in the first half of the telecommuting evolved into normalized mode, according to data show more than billions of people of cloud office applications, even nailing, enterprise WeChat giants “down”, and the small and medium-sized enterprises have become the main driving force of cloud video conference market growth, brought huge increment to the market.

As a member of the intelligent conference system, with the new trend of remote collaboration is rising, the market in the background of “teleconference” demand growth by “epidemic”, according to the first half of the data, conference tablet sales about 153,000 units, up 42% year on year; in the third quarter, but still maintain high growth trend, Q3 sales of about 111,000 units, 23%, up 30% year on year.

Traditional video conferencing products are expensive, so the main users are large enterprises and governments. However, with the advent of the cloud era, the cost of building conferencing systems is constantly reduced, and the demand for video conferencing systems of small and medium-sized enterprises for conferencing systems is gradually released.

Intelligent and integrated design of the conference tablet equipped with the remote collaboration system has more convenient operation and saves the conference room space, which highlights its competitive advantages among many intelligent conference products. In the future, with the development of the intelligent conference market, the commercial tablet market space will be further expanded.

The future of the smart medical market is promising

Also during the epidemic period, in order to reduce the risk of infection among medical staff and realize the linkage of medical resources in many places, the telemedicine consultation greatly reduced the infection risk and transmission rate, and the meeting tablet won more precious time for the war against the epidemic.

At the same time, the application of the supporting medical display system in the medical field plays an incomparable role, which can help medical workers to better see the patient’s body structure, and better solve the pain for patients.Compared with ordinary displays, the medical display has high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, accurate display image details, high precision medical display screen, providing clearer and more accurate color images, to meet the needs of hospital use.

The integrated consultation display center can write intelligently, support graph recognition, table insertion, gesture operation, and any annotation. In PPT mode, it can also follow the page annotation and save annotation records, and easily save and separate academic records by mobile phone scanning code or mail.

The integrated consultation display center can wirelessly transfer the screen, easily relessly transfer the computer picture content to the integrated consultation display center, and can also annotate the key content at any time, making the display become easy and smooth.It also supports mobile phone wireless screen projection.

In recent years, the rapid development of information science and technology, especially the implementation of 5G technology, has accelerated the development of medical services to smart medical care.

A new attempt, so that the future cloud office promotion, innovation and application improvement has a real “scale” experience.This will strongly push the cloud office industry “on the right track” forward at full speed.In this process, the conference room-centered cloud office “terminal” software and hardware will also usher in a development opportunity.

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