What functions should the bus advertising machine have?

Advertising on the bus advertising machine can bring very good results to the marketing and promotion of products and enterprises.As a part of the mass media, the bus advertising often takes the advertising machine as the carrier, providing video, pictures, sound and other advertising methods, which can be more intuitively expressed to the target customers.With the development of Internet technology, advertising machines are also having more and more functions.Some of the highlights of the bus advertising machine are essential.

What functions should the bus advertising machine have:

  1. Timed automatic switch.

The advertising machine has set up the automatic switch machine, you can automatically start to work in the set time period, play the corresponding advertising content.This can help to reduce maintenance costs.When the bus stops running, the advertising machine also automatically turns off, while saving power resources.

  1. Support playing a variety of advertising formats.

The form of advertising is not a single, but a diverse.General conventional advertising is shaped like pictures, sound, video.Accordingly, the bus advertising machine naturally needs to support these several regular formats.The bus advertising machine equipment provided by China Electronics perfectly supports playback in several common formats.

  1. Can be operated remotely.

In the actual use process of the bus, it may not be able to change the broadcast content of the advertising machine in time.The use of remote control method can allow the administrator to remotely control the advertising content and broadcast frequency, without directly operating the device to update the content, greatly saving the management cost.

The bus advertising machine equipment provided by FVASEE has considerable advantages in function. In addition to having the above highlight features, it also covers a variety of conventional functions.The company provides a variety of models and devices for users to choose, in addition can also be customized according to the different needs of users.

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