Advantages of touch integrated machine and the importance to industrial automation

  1. Fashionable in appearance, light and delicate

Highly integrated design with simplicity.

  1. Space savings are more compact than the general computer

LCD touch all-in-one machine is the host and LCD display, speaker combined as one of the machine, it will put the host hardware on the back of the LCD display, and compress it as far as possible, but also built-in speaker, so that its volume is as small as possible, so that the user can greatly save the space to place the machine.This is of great significance for urban users.

  1. Moderate prices

In fact, many people stay in the concept of expensive industrial machines, although the integration degree of the all-in-one machine is high, will it certainly be very expensive?Like many friends, read some articles said that the price of liquid crystal all-in-one machine is high, began to think that this really should indeed be so, but after a deep understanding to know that this is not the case.

  1. Good mobility and high portability

Because the liquid crystal touch all-in-one machine integrates the host, display and speaker, therefore, its volume and total weight are smaller than the general desktop machine, only more than ten kilograms, greatly convenient for the user to move the machine.Its internal integration is very high, the connection of each accessory is directly led by PCB, eliminating a lot of data cables in the past, in addition to the small body also saves the previous large packaging and transportation costs.

  1. Reduce costs

Industrial touch all-in-one machine not only saves space, but also can reduce the cost of living, saving you high electricity bills.It can save power more than a computer!

As an input device, the adopted touch screen has many advantages, including strong durability, fast reaction speed, space saving, easy communication and so on.Users can just gently touch the machine screen with their finger to quickly get the information they want, thus making human-computer interaction more straightforward.

As a high-tech machine, the touch-all-in-one machine has gradually replaced the position of a simple touch screen, so that users can truly feel the characteristics of human-machine can interact freely.

As an intelligent machine, the touch all-in-one machine is making people’s life more convenient and intelligent through technology with its high human-computer interaction.With the booming development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence in China, the touch all-in-one machine industry has realized multi-scenario applications:

  1. Touch control all-in-one machine is applied in the financial industry

Through the touch control all-in-one machine established in banks, stock exchanges and other business handling halls, financial institutions can show and introduce the latest business and activity notices to customers, and help customers to complete the self-service queuing and calling number, online business handling and other operations.

  1. Touch control all-in-one machine is used in large shopping malls

Touch all-in-one machine is set up in public areas such as shopping malls, which can help users immediately release the latest shopping guide, promotion and other content messages around them, provide information retrieval, map guidance and other functions for the public, and ultimately improve the user experience.

  1. Touch control all-in-one machine is used in the transportation industry

Touch control all-in-one machine is set up in stations, airports, smart bus kiosks and other traffic places with huge traffic flow, to support the traffic information such as schedules, safety education propaganda videos, entertainment news and other information broadcast, can effectively relieve passengers waiting mood, improve the service level.

There is no doubt that the intelligence of industrial control all-in-one touch machine is the anti-war direction of industrial automation.Industrial computers are widely used in almost every part of the manufacturing process.

Industrial computers can be used in engineering design, process design, production scheduling, fault diagnosis, etc.Advanced computer intelligent methods such as neural network and fuzzy control technology can also be applied to product formulation, production scheduling, etc., to realize the manufacturing process automation.

FVASEE service solution, make the industrial automation controller factory and industrial computer perfect cooperation, high-performance computing, low energy consumption, rich input / output connection and broadband data acquisition.FVASEE industrial control touch all-in-one machine with a competitive price, compact size, easy to install, and long-lasting products to meet the needs of the automation industry.

The industrial control touch all-in-one machine system is designed to meet the requirements as a task-critical automation applications.Embedded systems are designed with rugged features and high performance computing power for optimizing productivity and production quality.Compact, fan-less, industrial-class design, they can provide high stability and flexibility.Check the related products to find the right platform to meet your needs.

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