What are the functions of the teaching touch all-in-one machine?

Nowadays, the touch all-in-one machine has become a hot electronic equipment product in the market. With its stylish design, convenient touch operation, and powerful functional applications, it has won the love of consumers and is widely used. to various industries.The teaching touch all-in-one machine is mainly used to assist teaching, showing students pictures, text, video, sound, animation and other content, and can realize intelligent sharing, touch writing and control, wireless screen projection, etc. What are the functions of the teaching touch all-in-one machine? The following FVASEE editor will introduce to you.

What are the functions of the teaching touch all-in-one machine:

  1. High-definition display.

The teaching touch all-in-one machine has good display effect, high brightness and contrast, high image definition, does not hurt the eyes, and can meet the display application of application videos and multiple images. see clearly.

2, vivid interaction.

Real-time annotation, multimedia interactive presentation, more vivid and more focused user experience.

3.Multi-function integration.

The teaching touch all-in-one machine integrates multimedia LCD high-definition display, computer, electronic whiteboard, audio playback and other functions, orderly integration, easy to use and practical.

  1. Remote video conference.

Simple video conference setup, collect, record, store, and play sound and image signals through external cameras and pickup devices. Or the on-site sound and image signals can be used to realize visual communication between people in different places through the local area network or wide area network.

  1. A number of intelligent auxiliary tools.

Magnifying glass, spotlight, curtain, screen off, partial snapshot, recording, camera capture and many other tools.

  1. It is easy to apply, saving time and effort.

The installation and maintenance of the teaching touch all-in-one machine is simple, and it can be operated and controlled without special tools, with zero-cost maintenance.

  1. Ultra-long life and ultra-low cost of use.

The lifespan of the electronic whiteboard has increased by 50,000 hours, and other usage costs are almost zero.However, the projector used in the traditional electronic whiteboard needs to be replaced after a period of use. The cost of each replacement is about 2,000 to 6,000 yuan, which increases the cost of using the electronic whiteboard in the later stage.

  1. Strong environmental adaptability to meet different needs.

Not afraid of scratches, impacts, anti-riot, dust-proof, oil-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-light interference, to meet various environmental requirements.

  1. There is no need for a special writing pen, which enhances the human-computer experience.

The teaching touch all-in-one machine can use any opaque objects such as fingers, pointers, and writing pens for writing and touching operations, without the need for special writing pens, improving the experience between man and machine.

  1. Multi-touch new experience, more flexible human-computer interaction.

Support two-point positioning and writing at the same time, a variety of gesture action recognition, you can zoom, rotate, and annotate instinctively and naturally, making the presentation more intuitive,the touch experience is improved, in line with the new trend of interactive touch, and the flexibility of human-computer interaction is improved.

The above content is an introduction to the functions of the teaching touch all-in-one machine. The teaching touch all-in-one machine replaces traditional electronic whiteboards, computers, projectors and many other traditional teaching devices to a certain extent. It is not only easy to install, no matter where it is. As long as you turn on the power and turn on the device switch, you can use and easily perform wonderful interactive classrooms, and it takes up less space and is easy to operate. It is a good helper to improve the quality of classroom teaching.

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