Teaching touch screen all-in-one machine, let the quality of education and training achieve a qualitative leap

For many people in the education and training industry, “teaching touch screen all-in-one” may still be a new and unfamiliar word.However, in order to improve the quality of teaching and optimize the learning experience of students, some education and training institutions have already moved the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine into the lecture hall.

In fact, the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine is a kind of touch all-in-one machine, but the names are different, the application scenarios are different, and the functions implemented are different.At present, among the many teaching touch screen all-in-one brands, FVASEE’s products have been loved and recognized by many teachers and students of education and training institutions due to their outstanding performance, user-friendly design, leading sales, and good market reputation.

The teaching touch screen all-in-one machine has three core functions: intelligent writing, wireless screen projection, and video conferencing. These functions can meet the teaching or display needs of the college in various scenarios.Before using it, everyone can only use ordinary blackboard writing to explain in academic exchange activities or during conference discussion. Now you can use the mobile screen, the idea display is more flexible, and the students’ evaluation experience is good.

In the training and communication of the academy, the high-definition display quality and the pleasure of one-click screen transmission not only bring more real, flexible and novel information display, improve the communication effectiveness, but also make everyone have equality in the team discussion and teaching. A sense of participation and smooth sharing of discussion wisdom.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that after configuring the teaching touch screen integrated machine in the lecture hall to replace the traditional blackboard, not only the dust of chalk can be completely eliminated, but the display effect is not comparable to that of ordinary blackboards.The resolution of the screen has reached 4K level. The material of the screen is made of anti-glare glass. The response speed of writing is only 0.4S. It can support writing in different colors, which is smoother and clearer than writing with chalk.Coupled with its wireless screen projection function, students do not have to worry about seeing the content on the screen even if they are sitting in the back row, because the touch screen all-in-one will project the content on the screen to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices, and students only need to pick up their With the device in your hand, you can clearly and intuitively see all the content displayed on the screen of the all-in-one machine, without missing any important knowledge point.

For the education and training industry, strengthening teachers, formulating stricter management systems, and arranging a more elegant learning environment may not necessarily improve teaching quality and achieve higher benefits.The teaching touch screen can make the whole teaching and training process more simple, environmentally friendly and efficient. Therefore, the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine can be described as an “intelligent electronic blackboard”, which can make the whole teaching and training quality complete a gorgeous transformation and achieve a qualitative leap.

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