The Internet era, the elevator advertising machine is still irreplaceable

In the era of information network, information communication and information sharing are becoming more and more intelligent, and outdoor media advertising has developed very common. Currently, as the main carrier of multimedia advertising, elevator advertising machine plays an extremely important role in information release, advertising, publicity, brand promotion and information service.Today, FVASEE will take you to understand the characteristics of the all-in-one elevator advertising machine.

FVASEE elevator advertising all-in-one machine:

Elevator advertising all-in-one machine has a stand-alone version and the network version, the main difference is whether the need to use according to the Internet, simple operation, directly hanging the wall boot play.Various sizes, support horizontal screen portrait screen installation, intelligent split screen playback, can meet the needs of advertising media.

Businesses can publicize through the advertising machine, broadcast product promotion activities, special goods and other content, to attract consumers’ attention, so as to improve the performance;

In addition to advertising, there can also be real-time information release, real-time weather forecast, news information, announcements, lost and found, search for inspiration, electronic map guidance, to provide consumers with effective information services, improve the image level.

Elevator advertising machine also has a safety one-key alarm function, when the elevator failure, the elevator advertising opportunity to play the relevant elevator fault emergency guide video, voice notice passengers how to correct emergency treatment, comfort passengers at the same time, can be the first time to contact the rescue personnel, timely rescue, reduce the damage caused by errors.

Elevator advertising all-in-one machine, also support touch interaction, can be used for intelligent map navigation, floor guidance, and business advertising, when taking the elevator, you can touch the elevator screen, click to query the destination, floors, shops and other information.

FVASEE elevator advertising all-in-one machine advantages:

Timed switch, program content update is simple, low input cost, reduce human operation costs;

Rich content materials, support text, video, pictures, audio, web pages, documents, weather, time and other multimedia materials resources, the program content is rich and diverse.

Vivid expression style, high-definition gorgeous picture, persuasive, can attract consumers to watch the initiative, set up automatic loop play, effectively improve the effect of advertising;

Elevator advertising machine appearance simple fashion and beautiful, to leave a deep impression on consumers, can also enhance the image grade.

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