What’s the difference between advertising machine and touch all-in-one machine?

Touch all-in-one machine is actually a computer all-in-one machine, the display and the motherboard hard disk are together, because there is no host, so the volume is relatively small, but this computer is through the display screen to touch to operate.Touch all-in-one machine also integrates high-definition TV, tablet computer, interactive electronic whiteboard and other equipment functions in one of the high-tech products, with touch screen, high brightness, low power consumption, realistic sound reduction, excellent sound quality effect and other advantages, so what is the difference between advertising machine and touch all-in-one machine?The following EVASEE to introduce to you.

Advertising machine to put it bluntly, mainly used to display, including text, pictures, videos, etc., of course, some enterprises will put some advertising machine in the conference room or hall to promote corporate culture, products, conference information, etc.

Touch all-in-one machine is mainly interactive operation, such as inquiry, ordering food, product demonstration, conference application, etc. In addition, touch all-in-one machine can often expand the connection to other devices, such as printers, cameras, etc., of course, touch all-in-one machine can also be used for display.

Advertising machine is mainly used to play video, pictures, text information, suitable for displaying commercial purposes.At present, the advertising machine is divided into stand-alone version and online version.

The touch all-in-one machine is based on the advertising machine to add interactive touch, can run third-party software, widely used, digital image, commercial display, touch interaction in the majority.

Above content is the difference between advertising machine and touch machine, touch machine can meet the application needs of different regions, places, can organically connect with online information and offline experience, and through the scene marketing, reach target consumers, thus formed by informed, experience the transformation of O2O marketing closed loop, promote business economic growth, improve consumer experience and convenient, establish the brand image, enhance the interactive experience.

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