The innovation and rapid development of LCD advertising machine

Now with the rapid development of the Internet, people’s consumption psychology is delicate and complex, and the contact points between enterprises, products, brands and consumers should also be three-dimensional and multi-dimensional. Each point may affect consumers’ purchasing psychology and purchasing behavior. make an impact. In order to create an all-round financial service system that can provide global customers with all-weather, the market development of the LCD advertising machine industry is endless.With the continuous advancement of social informatization, the current application of LCD advertising machines has penetrated into many fields of society. Large shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, office buildings and other public places where people gather has become a platform for its charm. In today’s information society, human-computer interaction will inevitably develop into a trend.Therefore, interactivity is also a very important development factor for LCD advertising machines. As we all know, in the current era of information explosion, traditional printed advertisements have long been unable to meet the needs of the public for information. In the fast-paced life, people have become accustomed to quickly browsing timely and abundant information.

In recent years, with the refinement of the application of LCD advertising machine industry, LCD advertising machine has become a new favorite in public areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and airports. In these public places, the application object of LCD advertising machine is the general public, and convenience and efficiency are essential.At present, as the terminal of sales, shopping malls have a certain market size. Intimate contact with consumers and have a fixed consumer group is of great significance for the advertising of business market segmentation.In various supermarkets, chain stores and other large shopping malls, LCD advertising media appear one after another in people’s sight, high-definition picture and rich display content, so that many consumers stay in the footsteps.

With the help of the LCD advertising machine system, information publicity has been extended to the online world, indoor and outdoor places, effectively filling the gap of traditional publicity. The LCD advertising machine system makes full use of the network technology platform, and organically integrates various information sources such as databases, external materials, network data information, graphics and images.Through the system’s diversified playback interface, users can divide the screen into display units of different sizes according to the importance of the content. In addition, the user can also locate an infinite number of information windows on the screen according to the amount of information. For example, common file formats: video, animation, 3D special effects and other real-time databases; rolling subtitles (horizontal, vertical), clock, etc.

Specifically, the traditional advertising machine can only scroll and play information in one direction, and the information is not updated in time, or is not the information consumers need at all. In this mode of dissemination, information disseminators cannot accurately grasp their dissemination efficiency, and information receivers are passively accepting information that may not be needed, and cannot select interesting information according to their actual needs.Compared with traditional retail communication methods, such as street publicity, door-to-door sales, TV advertisements, print advertisements, etc., traditional advertising machines only display static images of posters in a dynamic manner, and do not fundamentally change the audience’s information acceptance method.

Therefore, the birth and rapid development of LCD advertising machines that cater to market demands are not difficult to find at present, and traces of LCD advertising machine systems can be found in many industries. Including government, finance, communications, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, factories, educational institutions, public utilities and other fields.It can be seen that the LCD advertising machine system has flooded our information life. In the future development process, with the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the digital signage system will also expand the application field and create a blue ocean market that better integrates user application needs.

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