Can LCD advertising machines really play a role in publicity?

Can LCD advertising machines really play a role in publicity?

In the information age of the Internet, various new industries and models are developing rapidly. If you want to be eliminated by society, you must keep pace with the times. Just like the advertising industry, the traditional advertising model has been far from meeting the needs of the current market, and has been gradually replaced by Internet advertising and media advertising.At present, the widely used LCD advertising machine can be said to be ubiquitous in all walks of life and all fields. Favored by so many business users, is the publicity effect really that good?

First of all, LCD advertising machines are display electronic devices, which can be said to be somewhat similar to TV screens, but with more powerful functions. In addition to the stylish appearance, it can also play various materials, such as audio and video, animation, pictures, text, programs, news, etc.Multiple devices can be remotely controlled and managed in a unified manner, making the operation more intelligent and simple. In the background, you can customize and edit the playback content, set the playback time period, times, and mode, and intelligently split the screen, saving a lot of labor costs.

Advertising machines are placed in shopping malls, supermarkets, and elevators, and advertisements are played in turn without interruption. Although people in the past had no direct desire to buy, they had subtle influences.The increase in brand recognition has an impact on subsequent purchase intentions, because the memory of this brand is already in my mind, and this is the potential long-term advertising effect produced by the LCD advertising machine.

In addition to brand awareness, many businesses also use it to broadcast preferential activity information, promotions, festivals, create an atmosphere, attract more consumers, stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, and shorten the distance with consumers.

To sum up, we can see that the benefits brought by LCD advertising machines are considerable and are favored by more users.


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