FVASEE Led Interactive Touch Screen Strength

FVASEE Led Interactive Touch Screen is an intelligent writing panel, widely used for education and conference. With a triple-sided ultra-narrow bezel design, sliding door lock protection and 4K UHD display, it’s equipped with interactive whiteboards and wireless screen casting software in a man-machine interaction way, enabling an interactive teaching mode with multiple users and inter-connectivity, enriching classroom learning and enhancing the learning atmosphere.

An interactive whiteboard is a digital device that allows users to project files and manipulate them on a board’s surface. An interactive whiteboard will only function when a computer, projector and LCD display are present. A whiteboard will display whatever is shown on a user’s  computer screen. When connected to a computer, the interactive whiteboard transforms into a large-scale, touch-sensitive version of a user’s screen. The user can control the screen by touching it with a special pen or with a hand, rather than a mouse.

An interactive whiteboard is a display that reacts to input from a user or from other digital devices. Interactive whiteboards digitize tasks and operations and can be used to share messages, present information and engage in collaborative brainstorming. Interactive whiteboards permit users to annotate documents, images and other content in real time.


Recreate the best in-class experience, online.


As a new type of educational technology, FVASEE SCREEN has been widely spread and used in the global range along with the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT). The potential benefits of IWB to provide a better teaching and learning environments for the development of education have been recognized by many countries and educational institutions


More Features

FVASEE Led Interactive Touch Screen is widely used for education and conference, with more featrues as below:

 * Convenient all-in-one design for education

Interactive flat panel displays is with all in one design , including all functions of smart board, interactive panel, projection, annotation software, speakers and control board.

It provides premium collaborative learning in any classroom so teachers and students can instantly share ideas on the big screen with ease.

* Comply all your interaction and collaboration needs

The Interactive flat panel  lets students’ creativity come to life with easy collaboration from their personal devices or at the screen for seamless idea sharing.

Our easy-to-use interactive displays make lessons more fun and can even be connected to virtually any webcam to host lessons remotely.

* Anti-glare 4K panel with vivid images

While people using an interactive whiteboard, the anti-glare 4K panel surface will increase focus and reduce fatigue, also positively enhance students’ mood and well-being.

 * Unique Design

Appearance is with a triple-sided ultra-narrow bezel design for bigger view surface and active area.

The sliding door lock protection is unique designed for waterproof and dust-proof.

In addition, the LED Interactive touch screen allow for varying degrees of collaboration.They are set up to facilitate engagement by allowing interaction from the user. There are also other terms meaning the same thing: Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Whiteboard, Electronic Whiteboard,Interactive Display,Interactive Flat Panel,LED interactive panel, Interactive smart board.


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FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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