Common problems and solutions of FVASEE educational all-in-one smart board

In the field of teaching, the all-in-one touch screen board has become the mainstream application of multimedia teaching, while the traditional blackboard chalk and projector are slowly withdrawing from the stage of history. However, it may be because the development of the touch screen all-in-one smart board is still short, so many users are not very familiar with the touch screen all-in-one smart board, and they often encounter various small problems in the process of applying the FVASEE touch screen all-in-one smart board.

  1. How to clean the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one smart board?

Spray a towel with glass cleaner or alcohol and wipe the glass surface with the towel. In general, the dust on the glass surface can be wiped off directly with a dry towel. If it is a touch monitor, simply wipe off the dust with a business card or hard paper through the gap between the monitor front cover and the touch screen.

  1. Does dust affect the use?

The dust in the visible area of the display will not have any effect on the multimedia teaching touch screen all-in-one smart board, but if the reflective stripes around the touch screen cover too much dust, the touch screen will gradually lose its touch function. At this time, clean the dust around the touch screen to return to normal. Use a thin cloth strip on a business card or bank card sleeve to wipe off the dust through the gap between the cabinet frame and the touch screen.

  1. What is the status of the touch control box indicator light under normal circumstances?

During normal operation, it turns on for two seconds and then turns off for three seconds. After startup, it lights up when there is a touch, and turns off when there is no touch. If it is in other state, please check the hardware connection.

  1. Why do I sometimes find that the mouse is always at a certain point on the four sides of the monitor?

Most of this happens because the touch area is pressed too tightly by the display case or the cabinet case, which is equivalent to being touched all the time at a certain point. If the touch area is pressed by the cabinet casing, you can slightly increase the distance between the cabinet and the monitor screen; if the monitor casing is pressing on the touch area, you can also try to loosen the screws of the monitor casing.



  1. Why sometimes the touch point deviates from the mouse arrow?


This phenomenon is what we often call mouse drift. Generally, the surface acoustic wave screen has this phenomenon, which is caused by the accumulation of a large amount of dust or scale on the sound wave reflection stripes on the periphery, which affects the transmission of the sound wave signal. Please use the above method to clean the surrounding area, and be careful to disconnect the power supply of the touch screen control card when cleaning.



  1. Why does the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one smart board sometimes have a long response time?

There may be moving water droplets on the multimedia teaching touch screen all-in-one smart board. The water droplets affect the operation of the touch all-in-one smart board. Please wipe it with a dry soft cloth.



  1. Why does the touch mouse only move in a small area or touch inaccurate?


Usually, this happens when the driver is installed for the first time. Please run the touch screen calibration program. After changing the display resolution, you must also run the touch screen calibration program.


  1. After the external power supply is turned on, the display is on, and the host cannot be started after pressing the power reset switch behind the cabinet?


Please check whether the power cord plug on the power socket in the cabinet is plugged in tightly; in the same way, if the host can start normally, but the display does not display, just check the plug on the socket.

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