Benefits of interactive whiteboards for your business

Having an interactive whiteboard can significantly enhance the way your business runs. From presentations to meetings, here are a few benefits of using an interactive whiteboard.

Collaborate at meetings

Meetings have always been group discussions, but with an interactive whiteboard, meetings are changed for the better. This technology allows everyone to access the same content through their own device. Teams can share and edit content in real-time, allowing for maximum collaboration.

Include remote attendees

You can easily use the same technology to add remote attendees to meetings. Interactive whiteboards can help those remote employees participate in real-time during presentations. These remote meetings can also double as a webinar. Easily print or share materials post-meeting with absent coworkers.

Connect everyone in the room

Designers of interactive whiteboards have accounted for the interaction levels that traditional meetings have. As long as your device has the correct app and internet connection, everyone can participate.

Reduced supply costs

Traditional whiteboards need markers. They dry out and need to be replaced often. And depending how often your team writes on it, traditional whiteboards need to be completely replaced on a regular basis. Interactive whiteboards use stylus pens, or you can even just use your finger, which means no more markers, erasers, or the frustration of being unable to read the board.

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