What is a Smart Board and Why Do Educators Love Them?

What Is a Smart Board?

Smart boards — sometimes called interactive whiteboards or electronic whiteboards — are large display devices that are often wall mounted or attached to mobile carts. The devices allow users to interact, collaborate and manipulate data by touching the board or with a simple mouse click.

A smart board is an interactive tool for teachers and students that allows users to edit and annotate directly on the screen with a stylus or their finger. Users also have the capability to communicate, edit and interact with devices such as smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and computer screens.

Smart Board Benefits for Educators and Students

Imagine capturing all the content on a traditional blackboard, dry-erase board or paper flip chart and digitizing it so it can be sent to the entire classroom or other teachers. Or, what if students — whether remote or in the classroom — could answer questions, draw their ideas or write out calculations that their classmates and teacher can see? Then, the information can be instantly saved and stored.

Smart boards help students with different learning styles. Visual learners love the sharp display and interactive functions, and auditory learners can listen to multimedia content. Those who are more hands-on can write with their finger or a stylus, and the functionality allows teachers to address an entire group or focus on one-on-one learning.

Interactive tools help students learn and keep them engaged. These are just a few of the major benefits of smart board technology for educational environments. Many of these benefits also translate to the corporate world.

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