All you need to know about interactive whiteboards

This article answers all questions you need to know when you plan to get an interactive whiteboard. We provide you with an overview of use cases and scenarios on how to use an interactive whiteboard at the office or in the classroom.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard is a monitor where you can interact with the content displayed on this monitor. Interaction is possible with touch gestures (fingers and hands) and with physical pens to annotate content.

There are various synonyms for interactive whiteboards like; touch display, interactive flat panel, digital whiteboard, interactive display, etc.

Why should you start using an interactive whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard serves you various purposes. It allows you to use it for digital whiteboarding or as a blackboard replacement in the classroom. You can use it to present content, and it is a good replacement for beamers, dependent on the room size. In hybrid scenarios, the interactive display shows the virtual attendees of the meeting life-sized and supports the audio and videoconference.

In workshop scenarios, you can create digital sticky notes directly on one or multiple interactive displays and completely digitize all content you create during your session.

There is a multitude of use cases you can implement with an interactive whiteboard, and for almost any organization and industry, they help digitize work and implement a modern workplace strategy. Some use cases for interactive whiteboards are:

  • Creative activities like brainstorming and generating ideas
  • Hybrid Desing Thinking workshops
  • Interactive presentations
  • Stand-Up-meetings / Retro meetings (Agile working)
  • Hybrid meetings
  • Audio- and videoconferencing paired with whiteboard collaboration
  • Training

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