What does interactive flat panel improve education?

What does interactive flat panel improve education?

Active learning is paramount to maximizing STEM learning. Interactive flat panel displays bring STEM subjects to life: students can conduct labs and experiments at the display, work out equations as a team, and share their inquiry via screencasting to spark group discussion.
Developing Critical Readiness Skills, interactive flat panel displays help students of all ages develop critical life skills. The jobs of today and tomorrow require greater adaptability, problem-solving and critical thinking–to stay afloat in a competitive world, students need to be able to: Think critically,Observe and analyze,Come up with smart solutions to complex dilemmas,Answer higher-level questions that require thought and exploration,Learn to ask why, what if, and how to think through all sides of an issue.To prepare students for career and college readiness they need to be using classroom tech tools in ways that develop these critical skills, and interactive flat panel displays allow student the opportunities to do so.
Collaboration skills are also critical. Collaborating effectively is expecting in teamwork. While the traditional one-to-many lecture format fails to foster these skills, interactive displays enable constructivist learning, thus allowing students to work together to make connections and develop knowledge.
By 2030, 30% to 40% of jobs will require strong social and emotional skills. Automation is replacing jobs that require repetitive tasks, but today’s students will be engaged in tasks that machines cannot do, such as communication, management, and application expertise. Using interactive displays with classmates can help students develop socio-emotional learning (SEL) skills—such as self-awareness and self-management, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and responsible decision-making.

Create a healthy learning environment for students

When it comes to effective learning, we have to attach great importance to health. FVASEE IFP provides ambient light sensors, smart eye care technology and antibacterial screens to ensure that the intelligence is without harming the health of students.
Smart eye protection solution
With embedded motion sensors, Smart Eye-Care solutions can work intuitively. In order to obtain a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, FVASEE IFP will automatically activate the flicker-free and low blue light functions by detecting the user’s movement close to the screen. Like our HC900 Pro, embracing Rheinland’s certified anti-blue light technology, it can directly reduce 80% of harmful blue light from the LED backlight of the interactive flat panel through optimized chip algorithms, which provides students with a comfortable and healthy viewing environment while still maintaining color accuracy and high-quality visual effect on the screen. In terms of eye protection, HC900 Pro also integrates a smart ambient light sensor, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment. The screen brightness becomes brighter as the ambient light increases and becomes darker as the ambient light decreases. It can protect the eyes of users, allowing them to watch the screen content more comfortably.
Anti-bacterial screen
Germ-Resistant Screen uses a non-toxic, long-lasting nano-ionic silver multi-layer coating, which can kill most of the bacteria that accumulate on the screen surface and prevent cross-infection or epidemics in the classroom. Even after thorough cleaning or long-term use, the antibacterial properties of ionic silver are still effective.

What convenience can interactive flat panel bring to you?

Intuitive UI Design for FVASEE Launcher
To further ensure uninterrupted learning for students, FVASEE streamlines the steps for teachers to start classes with FVASEE Launcher. Integrate all functional tools into one hub. We launched FVASEE OS, a system dedicated to FVASEE E-series. It adopts a movable floating bar to make quick operation channels that are easy to reach. The Sidebar that appears on the left and right sides of the touchscreen provides another choice for your convenient operation. FVASEE Launcher allows teachers to start using FVASEE interactive flat panel as well as accessing various input sources in a single tap. Additionally, FVASEE Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting teachers effortlessly switch between recent apps and input signal sources at their fingertips.
Built-in Speakers, Camera, and External Microphone Compatibility for More Interactive Learning
FVASEE embraces 15W speakers positioned in the upper of the frame of the interactive flat panel, offering better sound transmission that enhance the experience of audio and visual enjoyment during classes. Besides, the Mic-In port allows teachers to connect external microphones, further facilitating an impactful and effective learning experience for students. Combined with a high-definition camera, which makes it possible to create a video conferencing environment easily.
Instant Plug and Play
FVASEE can save you from the hassles of complicated connections. Simply connect to a PC via USB cable, you can use it directly without extra operation. Pull it out immediately when it is not in use. No requirement for other additional operations. You’re all set to deliver compelling IFP touch-enhanced lessons.
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