Class smart board for sale

Class smart board for sale

We have class smart board for sale, let’s find out how the class could be with the help of our interactive smart board.
Founded in 2006, FVASEE Technology is an Expert in Interactive Education Field and Interactive Education Solution provider with Independent Research & Development ability, our products cover hardware and software to facilitate smart class, campus, and meetings. FVASEE, as the worldwide brand as well as the core product of our company, was launched in the same year, then introduced to the global market in 2008. Its debut was a huge success. As a globally recognized brand, FVASEE products comply with major domestic and foreign certifications, including China Environmental Labeling (Class II), CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO14021.
FVASEE Intelligent Classroom Solution realizes micro-lecture making and lesson preparation before class, interactive education in class and fun learning, education analysis after class. It is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies, commonly operated independently – such as classroom control, distributed audio, video on demand, P.A. (public address), bells, and emergency alerts – all from a single platform.
FVASEE products have been extensively applied to various fields like education, business, scientific research, etc. After the brief introduction of our company and products,I bet you are eager to know more about our solutions, welcome to visit our website

The accessories of FVASEE smart board

Now let’s see some accessories about us, first one is FSSpeakerphone Wireless Microphone System. It is a powerful system used in the classroom, which provides clear and smooth anti-interference sound. Its features include starting up with 2.4G automatic frequency, up to 20 meters voice pickup distance, up to 64 channels to fit schools of different scales. Teachers can carry the handheld mic to any classroom. UHF frequency band transmission to make sure clear sound quality and without interference. Microphone with extra features like running PPT pages, being infrared pointers, vocal detection, and power-saving mode.
The second one is Soundbar, which is a perfect audio system suitable for lectures, group discussion, and other applications. Power amplifying system with HD audio decoding tech and built-in digital wireless microphone receiver make the speaker a premium PA system. Equipped with SD card/USB flash disk/Bluetooth play, supporting lossless audio files and recreating melodious sound.
If you are interested in interactive smart board with high quality, welcome to check our You can get more information about us and let’s take a chance to know each other better. We are FVASEE interactive technology group Co., Ltd with 15 years of experience in the education industry. We specialized in 3 areas: FVASEE smart campus management solution, FSClass smart teaching solution, and FVASEE smart meeting room solution. We are warmly welcome you to connect with us in the near future.

The software works with smart board

Google Jamboard

When you have already gotten the smart board, you probably need the relevant software, because it contains many features to work with your interactive flat panel.
Let’s see how it goes:
Interactive and collaborative teaching software

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that lets you collaborate in real time using either the Jamboard device (a 55-inch digital whiteboard that works with G Suite services), web browser or mobile app.

Work together in real time

You can share a jam session with collaborators whether they are on a Jamboard device, mobile app or web browser.

People in up to 50 user sessions can work on a jam at once. When using a web browser, each Jamboard browser tab counts as a session.

Using a Jamboard device, you can:

  • Write and draw with the included stylus.
  • Search Google and insert images or webpages.
  • Drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
  • Sketch a box, star, cat, or dragon. Image recognition technology converts your sketch into a polished image.

Using Jamboard on a computer, you can use a web browser to:

  • Write and draw using a mouse or trackpad.
  • Search Google and insert images or webpages.
  • Drag and resize text and images.
  • Present your jam to a Google Meet video call.
  • Open your jam on a Jamboard device.

Using the Jamboard mobile app, you can:

  • Write and draw using your touchscreen.
  • Drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
  • Open your jam on a Jamboard device.
Join anywhere, on any device
Simplified video conferencing and messaging makes it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. It is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS operating systems.
Instant Visual Communication
By registering a self-built enterprise and inviting colleagues to join, the contacts is managed according to the organizational structure, and meetings can be initiated quickly.
Host a meeting
Manage participants, including setting the moderator, microphone and video switch, one-click mute, and invite others to join the conference. Record your meetings locally or to the cloud with searchable transcripts.
Built-in collaborative sharing tools
Multiple participants can share their screens of computer desktops, mobile phones, tablet, application windows, various documents simultaneously and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting.
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