The difference between conference Android and Windows system _ Which one is good?

General conference tablet use operating system Android and Windows two kinds, these two systems you should have heard of, the following briefly explains the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems in the conference tablet.

The Android system:


  • Cheap price, good performance, cost performance can be said to be very high.
  • Since the Android system on the conference tablet is built based on its touch screen, it has more advantages in the intelligent interactive experience, and can better meet the needs of enterprises.


  • Windows system has a window, parallel, this system is not realized, in this respect is slightly less practical some
  • less software can be used


The Windows system:


  • Window change can be realized
  • Since most video conferencing software has a Windows version, the conferencing tablet of this system can use most video conferencing software, which is much more convenient to operate.


  • Slightly more expensive price.
  • There are few products, with Windows system is basically dual system, like Android system equipped with Windows module dual system or with Windows system equipped with Android module dual system.
  • The touch interaction experience is not as smooth as the Android system.


Conclusion: Windows system will be better in office performance, but Android touch interaction is more powerful than Windows system, so it is recommended to configure dual system, such as FVASEE F series optional dual system conference tablet.

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