How does the FVASEE teaching touch all-in-one computer meet the needs of teaching use?

Nowadays, multimedia teaching has become the main way for colleges and universities at all levels to achieve classroom speech and impart knowledge, and electronic display equipment is an important medium for multimedia teaching and the main carrier for presenting knowledge and culture.The choice of electronic display equipment determines how teachers carry out multimedia teaching, which is directly related to educational efficiency and learning quality.

After the traditional combination of projector and computer has gradually withdrawn from the teaching stage, the teaching touch all-in-one machine has gradually become the mainstream teaching auxiliary equipment for education and teaching with its stylish appearance, convenient operation, powerful functions, and easy installation. In order to become a qualified teaching application equipment, it must meet the needs of teaching use. Next, let’s take a look at how the FVASEE teaching touch all-in-one machine meets the needs of teaching use

According to different needs, the FVASEE teaching touch all-in-one machine is available from 42 inches to 100 inches, and there are wall-mounted and mobile types. Equipped with a computer host, first-class performance, and free teaching software developed by professional engineers, massive teaching resources, simple and convenient operation.

Application features of FVASEE teaching touch all-in-one machine:

  1. The picture is clear

The resolution of the FVASEE touch all-in-one computer is 1920×1080 pixels and the brightness is 450cd/m2. In the classroom, all students can clearly see the content on the screen.

  1. Various forms of manifestation

Using the touch all-in-one computer, you can watch electronic lecture notes such as PPT, and you can also watch various multimedia. Various forms of manifestation make it easier for students to understand the educational content.

  1. Save time

Teachers can prepare electronic blackboard writing before class, and many contents do not need to be handwritten on the blackboard, saving time. Especially for young teachers, they prefer to use the all-in-one computer to teach.

  1. Sensitive to use

The operating system of the touch all-in-one machine can be equipped with various types of software according to the needs of different courses. For example, mathematics courses often use pens of different colors in the software to write and distinguish the content.

5, The operation is fast

It can be switched in real time between the physical booth and the system interface. Various one-button functions are very convenient to use, such as one-button power on/off, one-button energy saving, etc.

6.Multiple connection methods

During the class, teachers can connect the U disk or their own notebooks to the all-in-one machine at any time. The all-in-one machine has a built-in operating system that can recognize most formats of audio, video or documents.

Through the application of FVASEE teaching touch all-in-one computer, multimedia teaching can be easily carried out, which can reduce the teaching pressure of teachers, attract students’ attention, activate classroom atmosphere, improve classroom interest, improve students’ enthusiasm for learning, and greatly improve teaching quality and learning efficiency.


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