Three smart Education & Business solution we support

Three smart Education & Business solution we support

FVASEE & HSCHN  our main brands, we are the supplier of interactive class solution&business solution,with 11 years experience in education market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. FVASEE is a technical company more than just a selling company. We develop our own teaching interactive software by ourselves. So far we have an R&D team with 150+ engineers. Our goal is to make class more interactive and effective by matching with our FVASEE hardware and software. Our products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions and more than 10000 classroom have equipped with our class solution.

As a smart Education & Business solution supplier, we specialized in 3 areas: FSClass interactive teaching Solution, FVASEE Smart Education Solution and FVASEE Bussness Conference Solution.

FVASEE Education interactive teaching Solution including interactive flat panel, document camera, interactive education software and real time video recording system, FSClass solution mainly focused on facilitating teaching and learning with educational hardware and software. We aim to create more interactive and effective teaching and learning. Bussness Solution is creating smart campus by device centralized control. Including IoT(internet of things) system/Audio&Video broadcasting/etc.FVASEE is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies. As you know, AV products in the market usually one device for one application, but our NMP is an all-in-one device that integrated with network switch, power control module, Audio matrix, HDMI matrix, wireless mic amplifier. One device and one platform to realize AV switching, control equipment (central and remote control), AV broadcast from IP, all these applications.we believe FVASEE solution will be an indispensable part of modern digital school and smart city as well. FSMeet Conference Solution bring more convenience into meeting with customized needs.

What are the applications of touch screen?

On complex network environment, international leading network video conference system with strong adaptability, the system USES the independent research and development of transport protocol, has the advanced firewall and NAT penetration, supports dial-up, ISDN, ADSL special line, LAN, satellite network, 3G network access to a variety of ways, and with the method of cluster routing automatically selected, and the stability of the system is good, users do not need to consider the diversity of network, more do not need to set the heavy and complicated, as long as the access networks can be made, fast transnational communication.

Mobile meeting with touch screen

In terms of mobile video conference, video conference system has been support such as tablets, smart phones, telephone access, make up a PC video conference flexibility is not strong, the user no matter where, just can enter through the network video conference system platform, greatly expand the application range, video meeting let video communication anytime and anywhere to become a reality, completely satisfy people thirst for mobile video conference.

Applications in tele medicine

Interactive tele medicine system security network technology, excellent network support, for tele medicine, remote consultation to provide efficient and reliable network support;

The system’s leading audio and video decoding and transmission technology enables doctors and patients to experience excellent audio and video enjoyment;

The system’s extensive interactive capabilities, providing multiple choice of call mode;

The system advanced development technology, to achieve the seamless connection between the operating system platform;

The system has good expansibility, compatibility and stability, and realizes the network video output with large traffic and efficient transaction processing under the premise of making full use of the limited resources provided by hardware.

Using the video conference system, DICOM3.0 medical images taken by CT, nuclear magnetic field, X-ray machine and other medical equipment can be completely and unmistakable for immediate and rapid transmission and synchronous processing. In addition, video and audio can be carried out at the same time. The effective combination of the three ensures the high quality and effectiveness of tele medicine.

What is FVASEE Smart Education Solution?

FVASEE is a smart Education solution including device power management, Audio &Video broadcasting, Matrix switching, Wireless Amplification centralized control. Through each processor independently connected to the Cloud, achieve the device policy management. Convenient for the device Centralized control, system deployment,and maintenance for the school.

In traditional classrooms , there would be a set of systems corresponding to multiple devices such as power control system (light , fan switch, air conditioner, display device power switch), speaker , amplifier, multimedia devices (like interactive whiteboard, projector, interactive flat panel, computer etc.), broadcasting and so on. Therefore, a traditional classroom needs multiple systems to achieve the basic functions of teaching. It is conceivable that the wiring will be complicated and messy. However, FVASEE integrates multiple systems of the campus into one system, and only one machine is needed to control the various devices mentioned above. Wiring is more concise and management is easier.

Not only that, traditional school IT administrators have to run around the device management like power on/off the device of each classroom and do same operation everyday, which makes them bored and exhausted. However, FVASEE support App and web-based platform to remote control the school device. You only need to switch devices on the web page or App. Not only the school IT admin, but also the teacher can easily manage classroom device. In class, teachers can control the devices by the control panel that comes with FVASEE’s main product NMP. Just one key to achieve the desired effect.

Along with the functions of Scheduled task for power on/off, AV broadcast to classroom, Live broadcast to classroom, One touch to power on the classroom devices, Audio&Video Switching, Device remote control through APP and Web, FVASEE upgrades your traditional classroom to a smart classroom.

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