How to choose the right one interactive flat panel?

How to choose the right one interactive flat panel?

FVASEE specializes in interactive flat panel, which offers convenient and innovative solutions We provide a range of interactive screens which supports multi-touch functions. We manufacture several interactive projection display solutions including our Interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels. Our specialist interactive screen solutions include our FVASEE LCD screens, perfect for POS displays and our Interactive Switchable Glass Screen that combines our patented Smart Glass technology and a 6 point infrared touch frame to create a HD/4K interactive projection screen.
One of our favorite specialist touch sensitive display projects is our new series FVASEE interactive touchscreen LB900 pro, which integrates a clear touch screen into a centerpiece at their event. We supplied them with 4K display with our FVASEE OS, 20 touch points, Android 8.0 (4G+32G), EShare wireless presentation software, Type-C port, HDMI out port, support 2.4G/5G wifi, bluetooth 5.0.
Other FVASEE products can be manufactured in custom designs with screen sizes from 55 inch to 98 inch. We can manufacture interactive LED screens which is up to an 98 inch size for indoor use.It is difficult to choose the right one interactive flat panel with various options which is based on the application and environment. For example, if you’re looking for an interactive flat panel for outdoor use. Our flexible standing kiosks or high brightness touch screen seem like the best option initially.

The features of FVASEE S-series interactive flat panel.

FVASEE series offers advanced technology with interactive smart board that enables single sign-on, as well as a more natural digital writing experience. New IR technology creates a truly natural writing experience and support 20 touch points. It supports thick and thin pen and gesture recognition for best writing experience. And these innovative, easy-to-use panels boast a brushed aluminum bezel, Ultra HD (4K) resolution, built-in soundbar, top webcam mount and USB, one key to freeze the screen, ECO mode to save energy. What’s more, a user-friendly FSOS is available in these two series. Dual operation system of Windows 10 pro and Android 8.0 of OPS system bring unlimited possibilities to operate on this PC-less smart board.
FStouch series feature full HD resolution, black aluminum frame and high-quality integrated speakers. It is available in 65″75″ and 86″ models, and is also equipped with built-in whiteboard software and a wireless screen mirroring system, which helps to improve presentation effects and brainstorm ideas. Meetings can be held seamlessly with only one device with multiple functions. Start the while working in. We aim to take technological advancements that optimally benefit users in both the education and business sectors. The new S-series is a premium smart board that makes it easier and more intuitive to access, use the software, and ensure effective.
As a supplier of innovative technology solutions, we strive for providing our customers with the highquality, reliable alternatives, FVASEE S-series provide the high cost performance solution for any collaboration and creation.

What is BYOD and why is it popular?

What is BYOD? This word is becoming more and more popular in modern society. Bring your own device, that is what it means. Why is it popular? The trend of enabling employees to work anywhere is growing by only accessing the Internet from their personal devices. Just like WiFI Screen Share wireless presentations, it allows people to share their ideas and project their laptops onto a large screen with multiple interfaces. It allows you to work as you want and increase efficiency.
Bring your own device has some common variants. For example, BYOL means bring your own laptop, BYOC means bring your own computer, and BYOPC means bring your own computer. Before BYOD, mobile devices were considered Shadow IT and were not supported by the organization’s IT infrastructure. But with the development of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, personally owned devices have now become an integral part of every organization. The main advantage of mobile devices is higher productivity because it allows employees to work freely, but its portability also brings great challenges. In order to solve the problems associated with BYOD, organizations must formulate relevant strategies to simplify BYOD management and strengthen BYOD security.
Although mobile devices and BYOD culture help improve employee productivity, if mobile devices are lost or stolen, it also increases the possibility of data leakage. This is why organizations that plan to take measures to protect company data accessed from personally owned devices by implementing BYOD strategies.
To know more about BYOD solution, welcome to visit our homepage:
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