FVASEE F-Series with Android 9.0 is coming

FVASEE F-Series with Android 9.0 is coming

Looking for smart board touch screen? Try our FVASEE F-Series!
FVASEE TF-Series has Android 9.0 and supports up to 20 points touch. It creates a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplaces where partners could work together by casting their mobile devices wirelessly with WiFI Screen Share. It supports people to share their ideas and creative by casting the laptop screen on the big touch screen instantly with a button click. With up to 10 point touch to do interaction on FVASEE T1000 Series. We support 3 types of Share button ports like USB, HDMI, Type C, up to ten computers can be connected at the same time with one button projection. There is no need to download and set up any software, just execute the file and start to share. It could realize no waiting to join to share and display the laptop screen to FVASEE T1000 Series instantly without cable.
When we were young, we always wondering what kind of ways the world could be after 20 years, compared to the young age, now we have got the smart education solution,with the fast development of modern society,we can make our classroom become intelligent,the interaction between teachers and students can be more effective and convenient,under the help of FVASEE T1000 Series and WiFI Screen Share wireless presentation system, you can make your classroom become modernization.
Founded in 2006, FVASEE Technology is an Expert in Interactive Education Field. Our Products covering hardware and software to facilitate teaching & learning, campus management and video conference. Welcome to visit our website fvasee.com,feel free to connect with us for any product you are interested in. We are honored to offer the service to you.

Get more about our FVASEE interactive whiteboard

We have smart board interactive whiteboard which is called FVASEE IR and FVASEE DVT. FVASEE IR is a infrared interactive whiteboard with up to 32-point touch. There is no need special pen which has stable performance and durable usage. What’s more, FVASEE IR with low cast for maintenance and low rate of failure. Its features include multi-touch, gesture recognition, support maker writing, easy maintenance, durable construction and perfect writing experience. The second one is FVASEE DVT. It is a high performance whiteboard with latest digital vision touch technology. With perfect user experience by finger touch, it also no need special pen. FVASEE has slim black frame and built-in high-speed cameras, much lower rate of failure and easier for after-sale maintenance. The plug-n-play function provides the best experience, which greatly enhances the effect of cooperation and brainstorm.
After introduced the interactive whiteboard, you should also know the attachments,The projector,FSProjector V2,with the laser light engine,offers the 25000H long-lasting lifetime and extraordinary color reproduction performance for education and business.FSProjectorV2 features energy-saving and direct power on/off. Laser projectors reach maximum brightness and turn of almost immediately-no warm up or cool down period required. Along with excellent color reproduction, laser light source achieves detailed color reproduction at 82%,which delivers superior image quality and performance. It also replaces traditional two-projector together solution with perfect visual effect. Its dust-proof design equip with external mounted 3M dust-proof filters to avoid the dust entering inside and improve the lifetime. Auto-reminding function for dust-proof filter to remind users to clean/change filter. If you are interested in the product above, enter our homepage https://fvasee.com/. Find smart board & interactive whiteboard here, you won’t miss anything.

Interactive smart board is the inevitable trend of efficient office

With the development of intelligence, improving efficiency seems to have become the dominant word of this era, and efficiency is the most important thing in working. In addition to improving our own work efficiency, we also need to cooperate with others to make our team work more efficiently. At this point, we can take advantage of technology and use interactive flat panel to increase efficiency quickly.
Interactive flat panel is an office tool needed by many companies. It optimizes the writing function of traditional whiteboard, and has more functions of gesture zooming and dragging than traditional whiteboard. Interactive flat panels erase text on the screen with the back of your hand, and you can zoom in and out, or drag and drop it if the font size isn’t appropriate for the office environment, which makes it easier and faster to use.
Our FVASEE has a 4K large screen that allows you to present content clearly, so that you don’t have to worry about missing any detail and the main point of your work. Meetings will be much easier with it. With such a intelligent interactive flat panel with various functions and easy operation, our work efficiency can be improved, and the boring and long meetings will become efficient and relaxed. Feel free to contact us https://fvasee.com/ if you need any products related in interactive flat panel.
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