Cheap smart boards with high quality

Cheap smart boards with high quality

Wanna find Cheap smart boards with high quality? Don’t miss FVASEE S-series. It features 20-point touch, easy annotation, 4K UHD crystal clear presentation, and an Android 9.0 system for faster running speed. With optional multi-screen casting projection, it has the ability to create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classrooms or workplaces, where partners could work together by screen sharing their devices wirelessly. For FVASEE S-series, a smooth and natural writing experience with the unrivaled IR touch screen technology is brought to you. Bundled with the FVASEE Edukits V1.0 interactive teaching software, providing you plenty of teaching functions such as annotation, handwriting recognition, screen record, subject tools, the resources from the cloud platform, etc.
If you are currently engaged in the smart education equipment market, which is closely related to our business. We would like to recommend our FVASEE Smart Campus solution, FSClass Interactive Teaching Solution, and FSMeet Smart Meeting Solution. These three solutions are the supplement to product diversification and market development. We have confidence that with the assistance of our products, you will occupy a larger share in the market. What’s more, FVASEE has a complete system in the selection of partners and policy support, we always support nice prices and after-sales service. Hope we have a good start to mutual cooperation.
If you are interested in cheap smart boards with high quality, welcome to check our Let’s take a chance to know each other better.

A collaborative and productive meeting

FVASEE interactive flat panel is designed to enhance collaboration and productivity in meetings and presentations without the need for a projector, whiteboard, PC, or other software. Eliminate cable clutter, enjoy a clean environment and organize meeting rooms with wireless mirroring options. Present, brainstorm and take notes without cables. It is available in 65″, 75″ to 86″ size.
With 4K resolution and IPS technology, FVASEE smart whiteboard display delivers bright and crisp meetings and presentations on a 4K display, ensuring content is crisp and compelling by viewing it from different places in the room. With an intuitive UI design on FVASEE IWB, the FVASEE display enables participants to access certain functions such as annotation, file selection, mirroring, etc. to quickly start a meeting. FVASEE interactive displays support 20-point multi-touch capabilities. Using the bundled dual stylus, multiple participants can draw and annotate on the screen simultaneously for group discussions.
FVASEE interactive flat panel also integrates multiple ways to allow attendees to instantly share meeting results through a built-in wireless presentation system. No matter what operating system your team members are using: Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, the EShare app enables collaboration through device mirroring and remote control from a single device, making these connections very useful.
In addition to 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, FVASEE interactive flat panels feature HDMI, USB, VGA for fast and seamless connectivity between keyboards, webcams, and all the devices your team needs to communicate ideas.

What are the current trends of meeting?

With the trend of modern office mode – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), wireless presentation system becomes popular in business meetings. It brings great convenience to teams, empowering employees who no longer need to carry multiple devices around to use their personally owned devices for work-related activities. BYOD makes it possible to present your creativity at any time, creating a collaborative atmosphere for brainstorming.
FVASEE offers WiFI Screen Share wireless presentation system with advanced technology on the market, which provides physical or software connection to the presenter’s laptop to realize wireless screen sharing with up to 4K resolution display in limited resources and space. Two-way screen sharing and touch control between the displays and the mobile devices greatly enhance the efficiency of a meeting. Share your own mobile device to the large screen, which allows up to 9 split screens displayed at the same time. It stimulates team collaboration and brainstorming. When team members get ideas, they can present them immediately by screen sharing. Adapting to the situation of the epidemic, WiFI Screen Share supports remote screen sharing through the Internet, which enables team members not on-site to remotely share their own screen to the local large screen from different locations. You even can open the camera of your mobile phone or tablet as a temporary visualizer to shoot real objects, which presents wirelessly on the large screen during the meeting. And the content of the large screen mirrored on your mobile device facilitates participants to have a closer look at the presentation details.
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