Know interactive smart board FVASEEIWB from different aspects

It is integrated design which made electronic whiteboard, short focus projection, power amplifier, speaker, computer, document camera, central control, wireless headset, cable TV and other multimedia equipment highly integrated, no need electronic platform, no comprehensive wiring, without taking spaces, after equipped with the FVASEE all in one machine,the classroom has become more spacious and bright.
According to the actual characteristics of basic education teaching, only need one device, we can satisfy all the requirements of modern multimedia teaching, entirely replace the traditional compressors, as well as the flat TV, LCD TV, such as teaching mode, and on the application of cost, it has higher efficiency than these machines, all the schools can afford, with affordable new multimedia teaching equipment.
New characteristics of the equipment is fully embodies the resource sharing to solve the current teaching equipment utilization rate is low or the problem of inadequate,in order to realize electronic lesson preparation, the multimedia teaching, the blackboard writing and screen annotations, text input, handwriting recognition, auxiliary teaching tool to provide rich and colorful, the physical camera shows, annotations, or save, play audio and video multimedia courseware, television teaching, and many other functions. The electronic whiteboard software has an open and powerful teaching resource base, which is classified according to subjects and can be added independently. Teachers can pick up courseware and materials needed for lesson planning and teaching at will, making lesson planning and teaching easier and more efficient.
The equipment creates a new interactive teaching demonstration environment, realizes the teacher-student interaction and man-machine interaction better, effectively and fully integrates the modern information technology into the teaching process of various disciplines,it is greatly improves the interactive, flexible and interesting teaching, and provides unprecedented interactive participation for students in class.
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What does smart all in one whiteboard achieve?

FVASEE Technology Co.,ltd, FVASEE Board as is main brand,with 15 years experience in education market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. We have solutions including FSClass,FVASEE smart campus and smart meeting room solution.
FVASEE IWB, one of our product, creates a fun teaching and learning atmosphere. It covers all learning sections such as class presentation, in-class collaboration and after-class review, which enables students to learn anywhere and anytime.
Moreover, FVASEE E-series saves a lot of time for complicated devices’ connection and devices management in the classroom before teaching. Built-in IWB with high-strength honeycomb structure,15 soft hotkeys on the both sides and clear function classification greatly improve the efficiency of use. Let’s see some other functions and features of FVASEE All in one interactive whiteboard. It has High-power speakers to produce high-quality sound,also contains Internal PC with Intel i5, 4G memory and 500G solid disk. One-key operation by control panel make the operation more effective. Only with a projector, FVASEE IWB forms a perfect classroom solution to update your smart conference room.
You can see our smart whiteboard FVASEE AIO GR519 combined with software for collaboration. Our self developed software, FVASEE interactive education platform as a platform for demonstration and teaching, achieves powerful functions, such as annotation, handwriting recognition, screen record, interactive response, interactive exam and video conference. With FVASEE Interactive Education Platform, it becomes so easy to create a vivid class and engaging atmosphere. When Combined with built-in document camera, the software helps to make a intelligent evaluation system with multiple features, including FSView, Gallery, E-book, Comparison teaching and Answer sheet.

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Are you looking for interactive flat panel prices? We can offer some information to you. We are FVASEE Display Technology Group Co., Ltd, with FVASEE as main brand.  FVASEE Technology Group, with 14 years experience in education and business market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. Our Corporate Core Values: Honest, Innovative, Being aggressive and making achievement.
As a new multimedia interactive teaching terminal, interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine integrates the functions of electronic whiteboard, short-focus projection, power amplifier, speaker, computer, video booth, central control, wireless headset, cable TV and other multimedia equipment.
There are many products called multimedia teaching all-in-ones on the market, which can be divided into whiteboard all-in-one and interactive flat panel. These two products meet the needs of modern teaching applications and can solve the problems of current multimedia classroom equipment connection, disorder, complex operation, poor coordination and compatibility, and are very convenient for teachers to develop easy teaching and enrich teaching methods. Expansion of teaching methods makes daily classroom teaching more creative, stimulates students’ interest and attention in learning, and improves the quality of teaching.
As the basic teaching platform of educational informationization, the interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine can not only effectively present large-size display screens, but also realize ultra-fine writing with small deviations. Economical and practical (more cost-effective than traditional multimedia devices, such as interactive flat panel TVs, etc.), reducing the “digital difference” between urban and rural education, and improving the overall level of regional education.
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