Brief introduction of FVASEE Interactive Flat Panel

Brief introduction of FVASEE Interactive Flat Panel

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FVASEE Display Technology Co..Ltd is a global leading provider of innovative  solution together with interactive display device and software. In possession of FVASEE E-series, a world famous interactive flat panel brand, our company distinguishes as the one of manufacturer specialized in a full spectrum of products adopting touch-sensitive, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, infrared, optical and imaging technologies. However, with the development of technology, we only specialize in infrared, optical IFP now. FVASEE now owns over 100 staffs, a 400 ㎡ workshop as well as nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, and has acquired CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates. Up till now, we have established a China Sales Center in Fuzhou and 14 branch offices at home and abroad. As a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan, we adopt SAP ERP System for enterprise information management. Since the first FVASEE Interactive Flat Panel entered into the market, our products have been sold to over 80 countries and regions all over the world. Innovative Interaction Concept Systematic Interactive Demonstration and Teaching Concept FVASEE is a world famous innovative solution provider. The product line varies from all types of FVASEE interactive flat panel, WiFI Screen Share wireless presentation system, FSView document camera, FVASEE podium to software series, which provides innovative solutions for interactive teaching, remote education and meeting. The extended sizes and models of FVASEE Interactive Flat Panel will widen its application in education, conference, military and other fields.

Let me introduce our solutions to you, we have 3 main production line which is FVASEE Class solution, FVASEE solution and Video Conference,later I will introduce more details to you about our company and products. Feel free to contact with us if you have any questions.

The advantages and convenience of interactive flat panel

With the interactive flat panel, your multimedia teaching has entered the era of “students’ multimedia”!


The device fully embodies the new features of resource sharing and solves the problems of low utilization rate or insufficient equipment or in any classroom, students can also participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching!

Let’s see more advantages of interactive flat panelPractical:Convenience, practicality and efficiency are the core design concepts of intelligent multimedia classroom solutions.Only the devices contains simple operation, practical function and good effect can improve the efficiency of teaching and learning.The construction amount of the scheme is small and the construction period is really short.The Integrated intelligent touch control and Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker system are adopted, which do not need rewiring and destroy the original classroom pattern.The advancement,Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom scheme, the integrated intelligent touch control and Bluetooth wireless public address system fully embody the advancement of the whole system in both access mode and system control.The intelligent multimedia classroom solution contains the network control function, through the teacher’s handwritten computer control, also can realize the remote control through the campus network,it provides the service for the future development.


Handwriting is much convenient. Teachers can use handwriting to make handwritten texts and graphics mixed courseware. This input method is in line with teachers’ handwriting habits and greatly saves the time of lesson preparation. Intelligent office teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, high-resolution display technology and other technologies are integrated into one, teaching touch all-in-one machine will infrared touch technology.


The interactive flat panel Integrating projector, electronic whiteboard, computer (optional) TV, touch function and other devices into a multi-functional interactive teaching equipment, the traditional display terminal is upgraded to a fully functional human-computer interaction equipment.

What is FVASEE use for in education and Business

The latest interactive LED smart board

This new cutting-edge technology is fast replacing the traditional LCD projector display system or electronic whiteboard as it is designed to enhance the presentation through creative digital content to deliver a collaborative and effective presentation. The FVASEE interactive touch panel is specially designed to allow users to input annotation or to illustrate directly on to any presentation contents just like using any traditional whiteboard. Further, FVASEE interactive smart board allows the input of visually stimulating contents for presenter, teacher and trainers to engage their audiences to making meetings, training or teaching more effective, fun, exciting and dynamic. Because they’re designed specifically for collaboration, FVASEE interactive flat panel displays are typically used in one of two settings.



While blackboard and projectors bring students passive viewing and limited participation, interactive flat panel displays for education help educators create smart, interactive classrooms that enhance collaboration and learning. The latest education software bundle with FVASEE interactive flat panel helps teachers check attendance and responsivenes of students, and gain a better understanding in class. And various teaching tools allow teacher make courseware easily and effectively. Teachers can also record the lecture so that it can be shared later for those students who didn’t understand well .


Corporate Collaboration

Interactive smart board displays are designed to help participants start video meetings quickly, share the screen content, and inspire creativity and innovation, which improve collaboration and productivity among face-to-face.

FVASEE Interactive Touch Panel is the latest interactive presentation tool, a high quality, multi-touch display with ultra-fast response time.


FVASEE touchscreen specially designed and developed for collaborative and interactive presentation. It is a powerful, easy-to-use presentation tool that can get rid of boring & hardly stimulating meetings or classroom teaching into life and full of excitement.


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