The interactive whiteboard is educational technology

An interactive whiteboard is a smartboard that is either a standalone interactive screen or an interactive display board, that projects the contents of the computer with the help of a projector. These whiteboards are gaining popularity in many countries and are found in diverse settings, including educational institutions and coaching centers.

An interactive whiteboard was developed by Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC), a division of Xerox, around the year 1990 for office use. This board was used during round-table conferences and meetings. However, after research and development, changes were made to the board. This board was then used in various educational institutions and still continues to aid learning.

The interactive whiteboard is educational technology. Educational technology uses various resources to aid in the teaching and learning process. Various EdTech companies invest in research and development to develop new educational technology.

Teachers can use this interactive whiteboard as a traditional whiteboard and save the written content for later viewing. They can also send the image and contents of the board directly to students through emails and other online content sharing platforms. Various educational videos can also be shown. Education via new technology provides a better learning experience. The students can also use the whiteboard in sharing ideas during brainstorming sessions. However, not many educational institutions can afford interactive whiteboards as they are expensive.

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