How Cloud-Based Digital Signage Can Help You Drive Sales and Conversions

Cloud-based digital signage is a powerful tool for influencing customers’ purchase decisions. It can display persuasive content highlighting the benefits of a product or service, which can help to sway customers’ opinions and influence their buying choices.

For example, a sports equipment store could use digital signage to demonstrate the features and benefits of a new running shoe model—highlighting its comfort, durability, or the improved performance it offers. This compelling presentation can influence a customer’s decision to buy the product, directly driving sales.

Stimulate Impulse Buying with Scarcity and Urgency Cues

Incorporating scarcity and urgency cues in digital signage content can significantly influence customer behavior and stimulate impulse buying. Limited-time offer countdowns or information about low stock levels create a sense of urgency that can push customers to make immediate purchases.

Take, for instance, an electronics store advertising a limited-time discount on a popular smartphone model through its digital signage. By adding a countdown timer, the store can incite a sense of urgency, pushing customers to buy before the offer runs out.

Increase Cross-selling and Up-selling Opportunities

As shown by McDonald’s, digital signage offers an innovative way to enhance upselling. They utilized their outdoor digital menu board to promote a new chicken sandwich effectively. The board displayed a simple, attention-grabbing message in the order confirmation area: “If we don’t ask you about our chicken sandwiches, it’s free on your next visit!”

This clever approach turned customers into active listeners, reminded employees to promote the new item, and included a clear call to action. This example illustrates how digital signage can drive customer engagement and sales through strategic messaging.

Enhance In-store Dwell Time with Engaging Content and Experiences

Longer in-store dwell times generally translate to increased sales. Cloud-based digital signage boosts dwell time by providing engaging, immersive experiences and entertainment.

By offering engaging and interactive experiences and crucial decision-making information, cloud-based digital signage significantly increases in-store dwell times, leading to higher chances of customer purchases and improved conversion rates.

Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increasing Checkout Rates

An intriguing potential use of digital signage in an omnichannel retail environment is to tackle the common issue of cart abandonment. By creating a synergy between the digital signage and the store’s online platform, retailers might be able to remind customers of their abandoned online carts.

Imagine a scenario where a customer browses items online and adds several to their cart but decides not to proceed to checkout. If this customer later visits the physical store, the retailer’s system, potentially through an app or loyalty program, might recognize them. This could trigger the digital signage to display a tailored message about the items left in their online cart.

The signage could also provide exclusive in-store incentives like a special discount or immediate availability compared to waiting for shipping to sweeten the deal. This idea could encourage customers to finalize their purchases and bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience.

Transform Your Retail Experience with Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Cloud-based digital signage is a powerful tool that can transform the retail experience, boost brand awareness, foster loyalty, and drive sales. It offers customers personalized, engaging, and rewarding experiences while aligning with your brand’s values and mission.

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