Smartboard for Classroom Push-Pull Nano Blackboard

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Resolution:4K 3840*2160 HD resolution
Touch type:10-point capacitive touch
Operating system:Android/Windows optional
Feature:Smart nano electronic blackboard
Screen size:70/75/86 inch

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Main Feature:

1.The push-pull design can meet the needs of different teaching scenes

2.The push-pull nano blackboard support smart pen, finger touch, etc.

3.The push-pull nano blackboard support text, pictures, graphics, audio and video scaling and rotation functions

4.Gesture erasure can be used to easily realize selective erasure and one click erasure

5.The push-pull nano blackboard support theme and color change at will

6.Built in page management, screenshot, paste, magnifying glass and other hundreds of practical tools

7.Effectively recognize characters, patterns, images, formulas, etc

8.It can be operated by multiple people at the same time, with high accuracy and fluency, and supports up to 20 touch points

9.The full view zero fitting technology is adopted to eliminate the air between screens, solve the problems of light refraction and reflection

10.AG anti glare glass is adopted to filter dazzling light and effectively protect vision

11.In the LAN, it supports wireless connection with mobile phones, tablets, and other terminal devices, and can easily remotely control courseware demonstration files directly through mobile devices


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Smartboard for Classroom Push-Pull Nano Blackboard
Smartboard for Classroom Push-Pull Nano Blackboard

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