Smart blackboard for classroom

NANO blackboard, also known as “smart blackboard”.It is a new type of electronic blackboard.It’s intelligent touch display teaching equipment that can directly replace traditional blackboards.

FVASEE smart interactive NANO blackboard can be switched from the blackboard to the touch screen with one key, and the teaching content (such as: PPT, video, pictures, animation, etc.) can be presented in an interactive way through the software platform, and the rich interactive templates can change the boring teaching materials.

For the interactive teaching course with good interactivity and strong visual impact, the interaction is carried out by touching the surface of the blackboard, and the simple and humanized interactive operation organically connects people with the interactive teaching content, so that more classrooms can be generated between teachers and students. interactive.


The third-generation smart classroom nano blackboard is the latest generation of fully-fitting smart blackboard products launched in 2020. It is composed of two left and right writing boards and the middle display screen. It can support ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various water pens.

The human-computer interaction method combines the audio-visual senses, so that the teaching and learning process is no longer boring. There is more interaction between teachers and students to help students deepen their memory and learning of knowledge.

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